For a long time studies have indicated that vegetarians have overall lower rates of cancer.

In a  recent study done by Loma Linda University, researchers confirmed that vegetarians not only have lower amounts of cancer, but that different sub-categories of vegetarians have lower incidents of specific cancers!

1. Vegans.  This group of vegetarians abstains from any and all animal products including milk, cheese and eggs.  Vegans were found to have lower incidents of female reproductive organ cancers such as ovarian cancer.
2. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians.  These lovely people eat animal products aside from meat itself- Think the cheese and eggs that are mentioned above.  This group was found to have lower incidents of gastrointestinal cancer, such as colon or pancreatic cancer.
3. Pesco Vegetarians. Yep, you guessed it! This group of “vegetarians” eats fish, but no other meat.  This group showed the lowest incidents of respiratory cancers and cancers of the urinary tract.

The potential for this type of research is incredible! Just think, once individual foods can be traced back to the specific cancer they help eradicate people could have diets specialized for DNA based on their pre-disposition to certain illnesses, disease or even just weaknesses!