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Hi and Welcome to our site!

We are lucky enough to belong to a group who value Healthy Eating by design.

Hi! My Name is Katina Bunny and my passion is to help people with their health and well being. The SDS diet ‘by design’ is very clean and healthy. There are many trendy diets available that are short term. What the Seventh-day Adventist eating habits offer, is a Healthy way of life

To be healthy long term, we need to think like a healthy person. Make decisions like a healthy person. Not get on short term diets that offer a short term fix with a weight goal in mind. When you reach that goal what happens? With lack of a new goal we go back to our old habits as the goal has been achieved. We all need a Healthy eating plan, for LIFE!

The SDA diet offers a proven healthy lifestyle, simple. Did you know that Adventists in Loma Linda California are one of the blue zones of the world (aka: they live longer) so one of the most frequently asked questions is “What Do Adventists Eat?”. As a whole, Adventists typically follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. 

A few years ago we found that there was a lack of information on the amazing SDA diet and so decided to do something about it. On this site we want to share some great Seventh Day Adventist diet recipes and information for you all.

Please feel free to contact us and request recipes!

To add value to those looking to change their eating habits, we have developed, in conjunction with a nutritionist some healthy eating plans. These are designed to change your lifestyle and thinking, not just a short term diet.  We hope you enjoy and site!